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Tour Planner for Tawang, arunachal pradesh

by Clinical Crossroads

Congratulations to you first, for at least contemplating to visit what I believe is one of the most beautiful places in the World, and undoubtedly in India.

Arunachal Pradesh, India’s very own ‘land of the rising sun’ is unique, serene, virgin, and SPECIAL.

I shall, in this blog, try to cover what I called you here for.

Because I intend to provide you all that I can, this post can run a bit long. Go through it. I believe it will not disappoint.

Here you will find the possible itineraries for your Tawang trip. As promised, I shall also provide links to important websites as well, along with some other vital information.

Plane window
A view from our plane's window

The official website of Arunachal Pradesh tourism :www.arunachaltourism.com .

ILP and other necessary information:

Navigate to this website and obtain all the necessary information that you need. Not only does it inform you about the Tawang circuit, here you will be informed about other amazing places in Arunachal as well, which I am yet to visit… 🙂 You can apply for the Innerline Permit here with valid documents. It usually takes some days to a few weeks to get processed, in most cases.

Reaching Arunachal Pradesh:

If you are traveling from anywhere in India other than the North-East, Guwahati will be your starting point. The city is well connected via air, road and trains. Operators like GoAir, Vistara and Indigo offer regular services. You can also look through MakeMyTrip and Cheapticket websites for detailed flight options.

From Guwahati, one has to look further for communications to Arunachal Pradesh.

Exclusive car
For me, this should be a priority as well. You can consider yourself lucky if the road is great all through. Usually, the good and the bad roads come in patches. A good car, booked solely for you helps you to a large extent as sometimes, itinerary modification becomes unavoidable. Also, a cozy car saves your backache… and headache (if I may say so..) 🙂

Tawang Market
A Glimpse from the Tawang Market

Regarding hotels and home-stay:
There are quite a few number of hotels and home-stays that have developed.

However, only a few hotels that have their own websites. No home-stay has its website either (at least I couldn’t find any).

Internet and telephone connections are disturbed and this makes booking your accommodation a bit difficult, specially during tourist season or if you leave them for the last moment. Authorised travel agents can help in this regard from the beginning, specially if you start planning with them early. No doubt, the earlier you book, better scope of achieving the break-through.

Website like MakeMyTrip, Agoda, Goibibo and Expedia can help with hotel booking.

The Arunachal tourism website does list a few hotels (you will find them here), but I have not tried them.

Links to some hotels are as follows:

Prashanti Lodge, Bhalukpong: http://www.assamholidays.com/
Hotel Kameng Inn, Bhalukpong: http://hotelkamenginn.net/
Hotel Pemaling, Dirang: https://hotelpemaling.com/
Hotel Norphel Retreat, Dirang: http://www.norphelretreat.in/

Let me mention here, I stayed in none of these except Prashanti Lodge, which was great.
Had visited Pemaling for a moment.. it was mindblowing. Hotel Norphel Retreat must also be a good choice.
Home-stays are very well developed here and you will perhaps not regret a stay there, if you or your travel agent make the right choices.

Young Monk at Tawang
A young monk at the Tawang Monastery

Authorised travel agent
I was against the idea of involving a travel agent for my tour in the beginning. But if you ask me now, my personal experience says, roping in an authorised travel agent is something that should be done at least while visiting Arunachal. Our travel agent (Eastern Frontier Tours and Travels) helped us plan our trip (considered our personal preferences as well), booked accommodations and made that exclusive car available to us. We stayed in home-stays for a major part of our trip, i.e. in Tawang and Dirang… and the home-stays exceeded all expectation.
This was a completely unbiased opinion.
I leave a link to their website here. You can find other authorised travel agents in the official website of Arunachal tourism as well.

Surprisingly, we faced no problem with food.
Food that we are quite used to, were available in the hotels and home-stays, though there were predominance of maggie and momos.

Varies from time to time, season to season, and also with how large your travel group is. It also changes with the accommodation you choose, the lavishness you prefer, the mode of transport you utilize and the places you wish to visit.
Therefore it is something that should not be commented upon.

The mighty Tawang Monastery

As described in the Youtube video on Tawang tour planner, my recommended 9-day itinerary for the Tawang circuit is as follows:

Day 1: Guwahati to Bhalukpong
Day 2: Bhalukpong to Bomdila
Day 3: Bomdila to Tawang
Day 4: Tawang
Day 5: Tawang to Bumla to Madhuri Lake to Tawang
Day 6: Tawang to Dirang
Day 7: Dirang to Stone village to Dirang
Day 8: Dirang to Nameri
Day 9: Nameri to Guwahati

If you can spare another day, your 10-day itinerary will be as under:

Day 1: Guwahati to Bhalukpong
Day 2: Bhalukpong to Bomdila
Day 3: Bomdila to Tawang
Day 4: Tawang
Day 5: Tawang to Bumla to Madhuri Lake to Tawang
Day 6: Tawang to Gorzam (Zemithang) to Tawang
Day 7: Tawang to Dirang
Day 8: Dirang to Stone village to Dirang
Day 9: Dirang to Nameri
Day 10: Nameri to Guwahati.

Thanks for sticking to this long post!
I hope this was informative and helped in your research before you decided to set on for Tawang.

I recommend you to watch our travelogue on Arunachal Pradesh (Tawang circuit). I believe you will like it.

Hope you have a great trip ahead!

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A smiling girl at Tawang
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